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Vitamin B12 Specialist

Medi-Slim Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss Specialist located in Las Vegas, NV

When you have a B12 vitamin deficiency, your weight loss effort may be hindered significantly. With that said, Medi-Slim Weight Loss in Las Vegas offers injectable B12 therapy as part of a comprehensive medical plan to help you boost your weight loss and increase your energy levels. For an individual consultation about how B12 injections can help you, call the center or book an appointment online today.

Vitamin B12

What is vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 is a naturally occurring vitamin that is completely integral to your metabolism, ensuring healthy energy levels, and assisting in weight loss. B12 can be found in foods like fish, eggs, meat, and other dairy products. It’s essential for numerous bodily processes.

What B12 treatments are available?

As part of a comprehensive medical weight loss plan, Medi-Slim Weight Loss uses different types of B12 injections to stimulate weight loss and give you energy. Our team regularly prescribes a highly absorbable vitamin B12 injection, called methylcobalamin, and a fat-burning lipotropic injection called Lipo-B.

Methylcobalamin is the strongest and most easily absorbed B12 injection available. In addition to helping you lose weight and boost energy, the vitamin B12 injections also support a healthy nervous system.

What is Lipo-B?

Lipo-B shots contain a combination of fat-burning nutrients and vitamin B12 to boost your fat-burning ability and weight loss efforts. The lipotropic (fat-burning) nutrients methionine, inositol, and choline reduce fat deposits in your body and speed up fat removal in your liver.

Like the stand-alone vitamin B12 injection, the Lipo-B shot contains a highly absorbable form of B12 to give your body exactly what it needs to boost energy, stimulate your metabolism, and support the formation of healthy cells.

Am I a good candidate for B12 and Lipo-B injections?

Our team at Medi-Slim Weight Loss determines if you’re a good candidate for B12 or Lipo-B injections. The weight loss experts at our state-of-the-art center know that one plan, supplement, or medication doesn’t work for all clients. Our medical weight loss plans are highly personalized, so that each and every client has the potential to reach their weight loss goals now and in the future.

With everything from weight loss counseling to medical-grade supplements, and prescription medication pills to injection therapy, you can trust that our team at Medi-Slim, including our in-house doctor, are going to create a tailor-made solution to help you reach your goals and needs. Since our inception in 2002, Medi-Slim Weight Loss has helped thousands of men and women in their endeavors to lose weight quickly, safely, and successfully. But more importantly, we’ve helped them sustain it.

We’re happy to explain the details about how B12 injections can benefit your health and weight loss goals. Simply call the office or book an appointment with Medi-Slim Weight Loss today to schedule your appointment.