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Vitamin D and Your Health

Vitamin D is generally known as "the sunshine vitamin" because it is produced in your skin by the interaction of UV light from the sunshine and cholesterol. Vitamin D plays a variety of essential roles in your health from the absoprtion of calcium to bone health and even hormonal health. What we will discuss here briefly is the role Vitamin D plays in your immune system and weight loss.  


Vitamin D is a critical nutrient for your immune system. Vitamin D ensures that your immune system has a strong enough response so that if you do come across a bacteria or virus-it will respond correctly to these invaders. It will activate all the potent "killer cells" to rid your body of harmful invaders.  

Achieving Proper Levels of Vitamin D During the Fall and Winter Months

Since Vitamin D is made from the interaction of UV light from sunlight and cholesterol, it is vitally important that we ensure proper levels of Vitamin D in the fall and winter months. During these seasons, the sun moves into a slightly different ange, causing less exposure to sunlight. During these months, most people do not recieve enough of the sun's UV light that is needed to help build enough Vitamin D in the body. Thus their likelihood of getting sick during fall and winter increases.  So, it s crucially importanitn to make sure that we are getting enough Vitamin D into our system.

Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?

It is recommended to get a healthy intake of up to around 5,000 IU's of vitamin D daily. Therefore, it is essential to make sure you're getting enough when sun exposure is low. Vitamin D rich foods such as eggs,, wild  salmon and mushrooms are healthy foods that we encourage you to include in your diet. However, these foods do not contain nearly the adequate concentrations of Vitamin D that we need. This is what makes it difficult to get enough Vitamin D from food sources alone.

Food sources of Vitamin D:

Cod Liver Oil, 1 Tablespoon-1,360 IU

Eggs, 1 large-41 IU

Wild Sockeye Salmon, 3 oz.-447 IU

Beef Liver, 3 oz.-42 IU

To ensure the intake of the proper dose of vitamin D that you need, we recommend using an excellent, high-quality vitamin D supplement. Solutions4 Vitamin D is  an exceptional choice because it has the proper form of highly bioavailable Vitamin D for your body. Bioavailibity refers to the ability of nutrients to be absorbed and utilized by the body. You can also tailor the dose to whatever intake your body needs. It is a natural and inexpensive supplement that you can add to your routine all year long to really prime your immune system.

Added Bonus!!!

Some studies have suggested that vitamin D is associated with weight loss success. Supplementation with a high quality source of Vitamin D may result in  better weight loss efforts. Also, a higher baseline Vitamin D level can predict better weight loss in those studied. 

Be sure to ask about adding Solutions4 Vitamin D to your supplement regimen on your next visit to Medi-Slim Weight Loss.

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